Mindmapping AIMA

“Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” (commonly abbreviated as AIMA) is a very famous introductory book on AI written by Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell. The problem with such books though is that it is big and fullfilled with concepts you may have never heard before. And unless you have an exceptional memory, you will start forgetting the details pretty soon after you read it for the first time. Same goes for any new knowledge or skill. Practicing helps a lot to keep new stuff in working memory, but another thing that may help to settle new knowledge is giving information a good structure. A good technique for that is mindmaping. The idea is to identify the key concepts and terms, determine relationships between them and plot this on a graph. It is easier to keep such image in memory even if not all but the most important parts. Or you can just open it up to refresh your memory and figure out which parts may need a review.

So here is my AIMA mindmap. Full-sized version is here.

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